Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nursery Rhymes

Babysitting can be fun if you know at least 5 nursery rhymes. Although I love singing, remembering lyrics has never been my strength. I have been acknowledged by many that I could sing since I was at the age of 18. However, almost 20 years later, I face one of the biggest challenges to my singing hobby today and the referee is my nephew Baby K. 

My SIL needed to go out this afternoon and I volunteered to babysit Baby K. I expected the babysitting task as no much hassle especially she has promised me to feed and change Baby K's nappy before she went out. But, having no parenting experience myself, I have neglected on the aspect of baby's afternoon nap. 

Baby K loves music, and his mother sings when he is ready for his afternoon nap. This afternoon, Mama advised me to sing instead of playing the nursery rhymes cds for him. After 5 minutes struggle with which song I should sing, I chose "London Bridge is falling down". I started blaming whoever wrote the rhymes of London Bridge - "Why can't s/he write it longer, so I have time to think of which song next". So, having no time to reflect more, I picked my favourite song "500 Miles". The minute I sang 500 ...., Baby K looked at me with puzzling expressions as if to remark: "Eldest Aunt, you can't sing a proper song!"


Mama said to me: "Sing a kids' song, not a grown up song"

I thought to myself: "Kids' songs, nursery, nursery rhymes, yep rhymes!"

I started to sing "Old McDonald had a farm". It went ok, both Mama and Baby K seemed to enjoy my singing UNTIL ... I forgot whether dog's moo should come first or duck's quack, or whether pig's oink should come last after horse's neigh. 

When I was thinking seriously like a student sitting for examination, Baby K started to make grumbling sound. HaHa, so I decided to lip sync like Ashlee Simpson with a cd playing in the background. How embarrassing!

I've promised myself that I must brush up my nursery rhymes, and by tomorrow afternoon, I should be able to sing a better, complete version of "Humpty Dumpty" :-)

Btw, for "OMHAF" nursery rhyme, it's dog's moo, follows by pig's oink, duck's quack and horse's neigh.

So, a tip for will-be parents and will-be aunties and uncles, don't forget to brush up your nursery rhymes and good ones to start are "Rain, Rain, Go Away" (especially post-Euro 2008 effect) besides "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". 

A Better Sunday

In the last 4 years ..
My Sundays were dull and boring.

Used to be, Sundays were the day I was so much looking forward,
Now it seems Sundays are just days for me to have an excuse to stay at home. 

I may have betrayed by many friends and hence don't see the point to meet new friends,
I may have been hurt too many times in failed relationships. 

But I haven't given up on my life,
Counting my fingers from 1 to 10, 
I am still as sober as I was before,
Comparing myself with Woofhams, Karen and Eunice,
Why am I behaving like a premature-ageing lady talking to own shadow.

My family is always behind me, 
And I have decided not to upset them by changing my lifestyle.

A year has 52 Sundays no matter I am happy or sad,
No more groomy Sundays from today, only the groovy Sundays ..
I'll wake up early like the real me, and discover a new lifestyle with hidden treasures that are waiting.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Recent Hanoi Trip

The first time I visited Hanoi was 12 years ago where roads were not well developed and there wasn't even a single building that is more than 6 storeys high.
12 years later, I re-visited Hanoi and it made me understand the importance of "growth & development". High rise buildings are everywhere, and there are many more coming. There are more scooters now compared to only bicycles previously. Of course, pollution has become an issue now more than before.  

12 years ago, I used to pay US$5 per minute to call home. 12 years later, I could surf the internet using the complimentary broadband services in the hotel. 

The only thing that hasn't changed, which I am pleased about, is the vietnamese Pho (a popular vietnamese noodle dish usually served with beef, but I preferred it without meat) still tastes as good as before.

New Father

Two nights ago, there was huge thunder around 11ishpm. Unlike when he was only 4-5 weeks old, Baby K now is very sensitive to surrounding sound and noise. Worrying the thunder might wake and scare him, I went to check on him. As I have expected, Baby K woke up, looked at his surroundings and fell asleep again when he realised his parents were besides him.

I smiled to myself on the way back to my room, and I thought to myself, "my brother has grown up and fully adjusted to the father's role".

If we were to rewind my memory to six months ago, there was a similar thundery evening. My mother and I were worried that Baby K would be scared by the sudden lightnings and thunders, we stormed respectively to check on Baby K.

We saw my brother standing at the hallway looking outside, so we asked him: "What are you doing here?"

Brother: "I think I'd better check on Bobby (our pet), he might be scared with all these sudden thunders."

Needless explain further, you know how he was lectured by our Super Mama: "You should take care of your baby now, make sure he's not scared. Not your dog, excuse me!"


Super Mama's Birthday

We were so busy in the past 8 weeks that it has slipped my mind to post the picture of Mama's birthday cake. Since Mama loves fruits, so I've advised the baker to decor her cake with fruits of assorted colours.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I've promised myself not to buy anymore mousse cake. The Hazelnut Mousse cake looked tempting when I bought for Father's Day, but it didn't stand the test of heat. Due to our fridge was full with vegetables that day, I have kept it in air conditioned room for two hours before Papa cut the cake. But, the texture changed so quick that our guests thought I might 
have bought an overnight cake ;-/

Thanks God I've a second cake as back up plan!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Another meaning of coaster. 

Coaster: 1) A coaster is an unusable CD produced during a failed       attempt at writing a CD; or 2) It can also be used to refer to useless CD received in the mail. 

Usage: I made a lot of coasters before I finally got a good R & B songs CD. 

Adapted from May Issue of Cleo Magazine.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ageing ... Effortlessly

I was unwell with fever the last two days, I guess it was probably due to lack of rest and the traveling in the past three weeks. It wasn't anything major, but I believe my body was packed with pollutants and toxins. To make the dehydration worse, I took too much coffee and too little fruits. I felt very bloated since mid April, and has complained about it umpteen times but made no effort to cut down my coffee or take up more healthy food. 

In view of I was starting to recover yesterday, I woke up early to
brush up and ready for work. The minute I looked into the mirror, I saw a strange woman in the mirror reflection that I am sort of familiar with but not able to recognise at first glance. I found myself looking older, far older than expected. 8 years ago, I could still easily be mistaken for a fresh graduate. 8 years later, I believe I look like a mother of 2 teenagers. It's absolutely nothing wrong with ageing, but it must be ageing gracefully. 

I found myself age rather abruptly. My 11 yo cousin told me I frowned even when I eat! Laneige's salesgirl told me my skin has lost its usual elasticity and I have a sagging cheekbones. This remark is really a big concern to me. I am usually very proud of my big eyes and high cheekbones. 

I noticed less of crow feet (strange! I squint my eyes a lot and even younger Eunice Olsen has crow feet), but more of laugh lines for myself. I also noticed dark spots, freckles and "unexplanable" weight gain. 

Honestly, I am not entirely too freak out with ageing. Ageing matters, but it matters more to me when I age too abruptly. So, I am quitting coffee, replacing it with green tea. I have decided to take more Manuka honey. I take cod liver oil and I drink Anlene. 

I told my 11 yo cousin about my new plan, and she said: "Geez, no offence, this is supplementary diet for retirees." Ha2!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Part Of My Plan

When I have sufficient time and money one day, this will be the type 
of family-friendly cafe-res (ie. cafe-restaurant) that I want - simple (minus the wall decor, haha). 

Friday, June 06, 2008

Antonym Of Rat Race

Start each day with the intention to be balanced and peaceful.

Some days we will cruise through past dusk, Some days we might not make it past breakfast without much annoyance.

If peace of mind is our daily goal and it's the antidote to most of our problems, we will get better and better with an organised, balanced and peaceful mind.

- Adapted from Andrew Matthews's "Happiness in a Nutshell"

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Testing Time

The past one month was the toughest month for my family and myself - my mother's EPS (ElectroPhysiology) Ablation procedure, my sister's marriage issue and the unnecessary office politics which could be easily avoided if one has a better sense of professionalism.

I prayed to my God and my Angels, asked them to bless me with more courage and strength. I thank God for She has really given me a great pat on my shoulders. Mama is recovering well. Papa is getting more independent despite his temper could still be unreasonable at times. Woofhams's emotion is more in control these days and I am very impressed with her ability to juggle between taking care of our parents and her work during this period I am not besides them. She has done extremely well.

Actually, on the plane from Brunei to Singapore, I began to realise one important message God is trying to tell me: Never undermine your parents' adaptability to their new environment. Given them ample time to rethink of the "system", they would be able to adapt and act more independently than your initial expectations.

The first law of expansion is "order".
For something to grow, it needs "system".
- Andrew Matthews, Author of "Happiness in a Nutshell"