Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eyes Of The Tiger

Mama called me before noon and told me that the owner of 'Poppy' (Pickles's brother) is willing to give Poppy to us because he understands that everyone in our family is upset with Pickles's sudden departure.

Before I left office for lunch, I thought of many names because Poppy is too sissy for a boy dog, honestly. Since we want this new dog to live strong and brave, just like Pickles his brother, I decided to name him "Tiger". So, tentatively he's called Tiger now, though Papa has absent-mindedly called him Pickles many times.

Tiger was smelly, dirty and skinny under the care of previous owner. We decided to send him to see a vet as soon as he was bathed the first time in many months (I believe!). I spotted he has goatee, and he will look suave if his fringe was trimmed shorter, just at the sweep-eyes angle. However, the vet told us that she has to remove much of Tiger's hair because there were too many tangles and knots.

How nice the feeling if we could have Pickles and Tiger under one roof at the same time. Tiger looks like a slimmer version of Pickles. He barks like Pickles. He guards our house like Pickles. He likes to play "Hide & Seek" with toads like Pickles did. They look like twins - Pickles the sporty twin, and Tiger the arty-farty twin, Ha!

Pickles, though you and Tiger were separated at birth, both of you look so much alike, sound alike and react alike. I hope you'll share some of your courage with Tiger so he'll be stronger. At the same time, teach him a thing or two on teamwork spirit. He barked at Ally when Ally took some food from his bowl.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Eight Below

If you were impressed with those loyal dogs in Eight Below, you would be even more impressed with my family dog Pickles. From day 1 when I come to know him, he has never failed to make me laugh whenever I saw him. When Papa scolded him, Pickles would bend his fore legs covering half of his face to ask for Papa's forgiveness. When strays dogs lined outside our house, Pickles would chase them away thinking he was bigger than them. In actual fact, he's the size of a toy dog, and those stray dogs are at least twice his size!

Pickles was a very wise dog that sometimes I doubt whether he’s a dog afterall. Mama cried this morning when I came downstairs and I knew immediately that something must have happened to Pickles. We heard Pickles cried of pain last night because he was bitten by stray dogs yesterday afternoon. Mama and I went to check on him and made sure he was in his house (worrying that rats might attack his eyes since he was rather weak last night). We made sure he had water and wouldn’t suffer from dehydration. When I was resting in bed last night, I heard him cry and it broke my heart. It was midnight and there was no vet clinic opened at that hour. I thought he could survive, I still could remember how he walked slowly to his house wagging his tail at me when I called his name last night.

I was more hurt when I heard from our domestic helper that Pickles was pacing up and down the kitchen floor waiting for us to wake up this morning. Papa opened Pickles's gate at 3am to let him out because Pickles liked to sleep on tiled floor when he was unwell. Pickles must have waited all night, endured the pain, waited for us to wake up and formally said Goodbye.

Pickles the Lion, he always believed that he was a lion and he fought with those big dogs. We must always remember he is a brave dog. I’ve informed the municipal office to remove those stray dogs near our house – to make Pickles’ sacrifice a worthwhile cause.

Don’t be too upset. Let's the fond memories of Pickles stay with us forever. Remember:
How cute he was when he rolled on grass when he had constipation
How naughty he was, he loved to nibble everyone's feet when he first came to our house
How ‘manja’ he could be when he wanted Papa & my brother-in-law to massage and comb his hair
How tamed he was when he “minta ampun, minta tolong” when we shouted at him when he misbehaved
How brave he was to protect our family when he didn’t allow intruders into our gate (don’t mention house, he didn’t allow accessibility to even the gate).

Rest well Pickles, you will always be in our heart.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Foot For Thought

These are respective photos of my left foot exactly 21 days ago and an hour ago. I must get my left foot to recover quickly because I dislike the feeling of "being looked down". Woofhams knows what I meant ;)

The Art of Happy Feet

I love my sister's latest posting on A Pair of Good Shoes. What Woofhams said is indeed true.

Few months ago, I thought I've found the other side of my shoes that I could finally call "A Pair". After a number of misunderstandings, excuses and unnecessary initiatives, I have come to realise it's not very comfortable to walk when both sides don't complement each other.

I absolutely love this e-mail attachment my sister sent me this morning:
'Love does not require two to look at each other but they are to look together at the same direction' - Antoine de Saint Excupery

Everybody Loves Pancakeism

In fact, my foot has recovered tremendously in the past 2 weeks. My pc here doesn't have a SD slot, otherwise I would have posted a photo of the latest development to my left foot injury. I'll try post one later from my laptop.

Yesterday I bought KitKat Cappucino Limited Edition (I d/l this photo from internet because the photo images of KitKat which I have taken with my O2 phone were not very clear). It tastes better than lemon cheesecake edition, but I still prefer the original flavour.

What is the new flavour that I am after?
May be - the KitKat original flavour with slimming effect! I know I have jumped on the slimming bandwagon. Orthopaedist has reminded me repeatedly that I need another 2 weeks before I could completely ditched the walking stick (honestly, the pain has subsided. I don't understand why did the orthopaedist make such a big fuss!?!?). The complete recovery might take another 2 months. Well, she added that it'd better for me not to run for another 12 weeks. I believe I'll be very fat by November, so I really need the KitKat with slimming properties, or at least with fats-burning properties to burn off the excess calories which I used to burn from boxercise and power walking, HaHa!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Deception Point

I love this joke that was sent to me in e-mail this morning.

Father: Why did you fail your mathematics test?
Son: On Monday, teacher said 3+5=8
Father: So?
Son: On Tuesday, she said 4+4=8 And on Wednesday, she said 6+2=8.
If she can't make up her mind, how do I know the right answer?

Cleopatra Effect

My sister Woofhams has recently coloured her hair in blue-black to complement her new fringe. I jumped on the bandwagon, and chose blue-black yesterday for a change. I must say it looked weird on me initially because my natural colour is brown, but after a while I found the blue-black tone brings back the vitality to my used-to-be lifeless hair colour.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Awaken The Giant Within

"Self-doubt doesn't help anybody" - House MD

I was in doubt three months ago whether I've made the right decision on one of my proposals about to submit. House's words have woken me and brought me to the state of rationality where I supposed to be.

I Wish For A Slimmer Me

I laughed so loud when I saw this picture for the first time. I hope this picture will give same happy effect to all of you.

Chaos Theory

One Heart No Chaos

I haven't learnt how to key in Chinese characters on my pc. The four words above don't have any meaning on their own. However, for those of you who know Chinese, when you translate them into Chinese - you know there is a powerful phrase behind. Is this another of my Da Vinci Code games? I won't tell you the answer now.

I like the philosophy of a Chinese economist. Last year when he passed away, I happened to read a special report on him in the newspaper and discovered some of his beautiful sayings:

Title: Talk About Encountering Difficulties

Don't worry
Don't be depressed
When you face with difficulties, align your thinking on a steady mode, you have to think calmly
Don't lose your objectivity
At the same time, maintain an optimal level of rationality
Don't despair in times of difficulty, otherwise you've lost 3/4 of the battle before even the battle starts.

This is what I really called "One Yi Heart Xin No Pu Chaos Luan".

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Mask

My sister Woofhams and I had many interesting chats when she was home for a short holiday last week. One of which was about the topic of friendships. I've shared with her that in the past 1 week I've come to see the true colours of my friends clearer. I've injured my left foot last Thursday, and I have been advised by orthopaedician to have a full cast on the injured left foot and walk with clutches for 4 weeks. However, instead of care & concern, three of my closest friends (I used to think they are my closest friends) have shown me instead the "reality bites" of rat race. I asked for help and one friend compared me with his mode of transport. Another friend asked me to check on his lost parcel when I was advised by orthopaedician to rest more. The third friend didn't answer and didn't return my phone call - till today.

Anyway, let's hope my left foot will have a speedy recovery and I could wear the two pairs of new heels I bought in Singapore two weeks ago.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rebond or Reborn

I straightened my curly hair two days ago, and a number of colleagues told me they prefer my loose curl hairstyle.

Some told me I look young in this straight hair. Whatever it is, I believe stick to the easier, manageable hairstyle is the most ideal and practical for busy one like me.

All of sudden, I feel like I look like a Blythe doll, HaHa ...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Science Of Square Root

Warning to Maths students: attempt this following complex equation at your own risk ;p

Da Vinci Code Versus The Sin Of Six

I Found You

Expansion Rule

A friend forwarded this pic to me early this afternoon - really inspiring ;p