Thursday, August 24, 2006

Everybody Loves Pancakeism

In fact, my foot has recovered tremendously in the past 2 weeks. My pc here doesn't have a SD slot, otherwise I would have posted a photo of the latest development to my left foot injury. I'll try post one later from my laptop.

Yesterday I bought KitKat Cappucino Limited Edition (I d/l this photo from internet because the photo images of KitKat which I have taken with my O2 phone were not very clear). It tastes better than lemon cheesecake edition, but I still prefer the original flavour.

What is the new flavour that I am after?
May be - the KitKat original flavour with slimming effect! I know I have jumped on the slimming bandwagon. Orthopaedist has reminded me repeatedly that I need another 2 weeks before I could completely ditched the walking stick (honestly, the pain has subsided. I don't understand why did the orthopaedist make such a big fuss!?!?). The complete recovery might take another 2 months. Well, she added that it'd better for me not to run for another 12 weeks. I believe I'll be very fat by November, so I really need the KitKat with slimming properties, or at least with fats-burning properties to burn off the excess calories which I used to burn from boxercise and power walking, HaHa!


Anonymous said...

I like the title of this entry. Yes, at least all of us at home do.

KitKat slimming properties. It will be quite an invention. I am sure it will sell like hot cakes :)

I guess you can start walking and slow jog but definitely not running. Easy on your feet.

Don't be like be :) last week when someone knocked me, the first thing I checked wasn't my face but my legs and feet. They are my assets ;)

pancake Queen said...

HaHa ... if someone knocked me and after I've checked I am OK, definitely it would be her turn to check if she's still in 1 piece. I'll rip her hair off. HaHa, kiddng!

This afternoon, my students shared with me that although they found me friendly and not intimidating, they do believe I am aggressive and serious :/ HaHa.