Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sister's Love

I have to thank my sister for introducing me to the concept of weblog, or else I wouldn't realise how de-stressing it could be to make use of blogging (1) to keep in touch with family & friends who are overseas; (2) to note down all important thoughts; and (3) to pour out problems and to share laughters.


May be today is Saturday, or may be it's just about time I should start to miss my sweet, golden Brisbane days. It has been 26 months. I wish I have the leisure to daydream today, at least I'll be able to visualise myself in my dark blue autumn "sporty" jacket strolling at South Bank now. I miss the chips sandwich, I miss standing at the front deck of City Cat, I miss the frequent fireworks, and I miss the relaxing mood there.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sushi for Beginners

I've read most of Marian Keyes's novels except "The Cracks of the Mountain", "Under the Duvet" & "Further Under the Duvet" which are more of compilation of her previous newspaper articles. I prefer Marian to write stories such as "Sushi for Beginners" & "Last Chance Saloon". Of course, I much prefer Marian to apply her distinct humour in her writing on Walsh's eccentric family: "Watermelon" Claire, ""Angels" Margaret, "Rachel's Holiday" Rachel, "Anybody Out There" Anna & hopefully before New Harry Potter book hits the store, we could read of the latest on the youngest of the Walsh's girl - Helen.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


In order to get rid of breakfast-cooking smell in our living room this morning, my family's domestic helper sprinkled my dad's Listerine into the air purifier instead of the new, herbal scent, aroma essence my mom bought yesterday afternoon. Now, fresh air or fresh breath haha ....

CSI:New York

I'm impressed with the acting of Hill (Frank) Harper who played Dr Sheldon Hawkes in both CSI:NY and (before) CSI:Miami. My brother believes that Harper should be in Dr House too, because he commented Harper is clean-shaved and really could live up the role of Dr Eric Foreman (currently played by Omar Epps) in Dr House.

Speak of Dr House, you could browse the following site to find out more of all the great songs played in House's 1st and 2nd Seasons (

Cold Winter In Turin

During my March trip, Turin is the city I like the most. I would like to visit Turin (or locals called Torino) again with my family. Turin is a grand old city, and this year it hosted the Winter Olympics and the Paralympics Games. I was lucky enough to be there during the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games. Of course, I didn't manage to be at the venue. Due to the cold winter breeze and also advice given by my host (Madam Simone Ovart), I preferred to watch it from my 29 inches television in the hotel.

Turin's Museo Egizio is considered to be among the best museums of Egyptian artefacts after those in London and Cairo.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Yesterday when I was reading a novel, a line in the novel caught me:

" .... if you loved someone, you must learn to let go. If he came back, he is yours for keep. If he didn't, may be it just never meant to be yours right from the start."

Some might disagree. But, no matter what, I believe if a person loved you, s/he would find all excuses to be closed to you.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Two things impressed me when I was in Milan for 1.5 days about two months ago: Milan Central station and the Self Bar!

Warning: do not carry heavy suitcase at this Central Station because it is difficult to find trolleys when you need one especially on Level 1!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Disposable Chopsticks Manners:

When I think of disposable chopsticks, first thing on my mind is usually Mr Scorpio. He was the person who used to remind me that we need to pull the sticks away from you on a horizontal plane, so your palms end up facing away from you. In addition, to twist the disposable chopsticks apart vertically can cause splintering. Most important of all, he added, is to smoothen the disposable chopsticks before using them in oder to prevent eating the splinters.

I found one tip from internet on Japanese's disposable chopsticks manners that is extremely interesting:
When you finished using disposable chopsticks (the Japanese calls chopsticks as hashi, meaning "bridge"
), put them back in the bag and fold the bag in half. This indicates that they are used!

Warning: Girls, please do not attempt that unless you want splinters on your fingers!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I always admire couples who could progress from couplehood to marriage. It's difficult for me even to keep normal friends.

I believe I could be a good friend to many if they were to believe that I do have time for friends and I am not a workaholic. Well, Murphy's Law rules again.

The Republic of Cyprus covers 63% of the southern part of the island and includes many of the most important historical sites.

The Greek Cypriot capital was enclosed by a star-shaped city wall (see picture above, on the right) in the 16th century but the boundaries of the modern city are dictated by the UN-patrolled Green Line (see the picture on Pafos Gate above), which separates the Republic from Northern Cyprus.

Nicosia is a friendly, laid-back place with about 208,900 population currently. It has good restaurants and museums, and a more genuinely Cypriot atmosphere than anywhere on the coast. I love to eat at 59 Knives restaurant (see above picture, first on the left) when I was there in March, and they prepared very good salmon penne.

Monday, April 17, 2006

I saw from entertainment page that JJH's latest movie is "Daisy" filmed in the Netherlands.

I'm not a Korean melodrama fan. Yesterday, to kill Sunday Blue, I bought a DVD entitled "Windstruck" where Jeon Ji-Hyun played a policewoman "Gyeong-Jin" opposite the male lead Myung-Woo played by Jang Hyuk. I was impressed with Jeon Ji-Hyun's acting - she is in fact more than the Giordano & Laneige girl that I knew.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

In honour of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, ancient Athens ranks alongside Rome for its glorious past and its influence on Western Civilization.

These are pictures I took at the Roman Agora, which was to the west of the Acropolis. Its principal monument is the wonderful Tower of the Winds, which was built in the First century BC by a Syrian astronomer named Andronicus.

Happiness is not about pursuing illusion, it is about the ability to let go.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The clerk in my office told me that I look fat these days. She sounded like as if I have put on 283 tons overnight. She should be grateful that I have a big heart too, or else she would have got a black eye by now. Am I really fat, or she just said it to annoy me??

Picture: Courtesy of

My wish item for April 2006!

This is my pet hamster "Princess Geri" which passed away 7 months ago due to negligence. Last Friday I adopted a new hamster which I initially would like to nick him "Harry Potter" but my brother commented he's more "Hagrid" [he's a monster compared to my brother's two dwarf hamsters - "Red Eyed Pea" (male) and "Queen Latifah" (female)] than "Harry Potter".

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In Athens, every Sunday at 10.45am a platoon of traditionally costumed evzones (guards), accompanied by a band, marches down Vasilissis Sofias to the Parliament Building on Syntagma. I didn't manage to catch that grand moment.

However, the guards also change every hour on the hour, but without the musical accompaniment.
When worry gets in the way of life

According to one article I read this morning, too much worries would lead to General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

What is the most effective mean of de-stressing or (in today's context) de-worry?

Some choose to chat with their pet.

Some look at pictures which reflect on serenity.

Some pick on others' fault (courtesy of

How about you? Write to Pancake to share your views.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ally & Pickles: My Family's Best Friends

This is a photo taken by my sister for them about 5 1/2 months ago. They've changed a lot since then - especially their hair are shorter now to keep them clean and cool in the equatorial climate.

I know they are cute, but please don't "steal" their photo before you seek Pancake Gatekeeper's permission!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Guess what came first on my shopping list when I was in Athens last month?

HeHe ... for a million years no one would ever guess - it was the self-cleaning toilet seat I found at Athens International Airport!

I wonder if every home could afford 3-4 of these toilet seats, would that help to increase female labor force participation rate ;-)