Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Before & After

Before grooming ...

After grooming ...

Pumpkin Season Part 2

Many kids turned up at 6.45pm. I saw butterfly face, I saw angels, I saw Magician, I saw Spiderman. They didn't perform magic trick but they sang me a nice X'mas song ... Thanks God I've bought enough fun size chocolate bars for them. I will prepare more chocolate bars next Halloween!

In Between Work

During my recent trip to Bangkok, I took some photos .....

I always associate orchids with Thailand. I recalled we had a family trip to Thailand in 1991 - memories of lots of Buddhas, lots of temples, lots of good food and lots of orchids around the neck.

I found the shape of this toilet bowl very interesting!

The table decor (read: fish) is very unique, don't you think so?

Pondering Moment: Demi-Kutcher Influence

Question 1: If a perfect man appears at your very eyes with similar economics-maths craze, should you say yes?

Answer 1: Yes, why not as long as he is not having Einstein's hair!

Question 2: If you are not Demi Moore and a perfect man appears at your very eyes with similar economics-maths craze but he is a decade younger, could you say yes?

Answer 2: Forget it. Cost will be greater than benefit in this case.

Thyroid Disorders

My mother suffered another wave of palpitations two weeks ago, and her doctor suspects the cause is thyroid disorders. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland, which wraps around the front part of the windpipe just below the Adam's Apple.

I read from the net that nowadays thyroid disorders are very common. The influence of the thyroid gland is absolutely necessary for normal function of the body. The function of the thyroid gland is to take iodine found in many foods and convert it into thyroid hormones.

Every cell in the body depends upon thyroid hormones for regulation of their metabolism which affect heart beat, cholesterol level, body weight, energy level, muscle strength, skin condition, vision, menstrual regularity, mental state and a host of other conditions of the individual. The most common thyroid disorder is called hypothyroidism. It happens when the thyroid fails to produce adequate hormones. Less frequently, an overactive thyroid condition called hyperthyroidism (ie. my mother's current condition) occurs when the thyroid produces more thyroid hormone than needed. Few people suffer from enlargement of the gland.
Some signs of Thyroid Disorders:
Fatigue and exhaustion. Unexplained or excessive weight gain. Dry coarse skin and thinning of hair. Sluggish, depression and mood swings. Menstrual problems and infertility. Intolerance to cold. Slow or could be fast pulse.

Important message from my mother's doctor is: Avoid iodised salt if you have overactive thyroid glands.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Season Part 1

I've agreed to a friend's suggestion that tomorrow when her children knocked on my front door at 6pm, I have to pretend that their mother has never pre-arranged the Halloween Trick-Or-Treat with me. Not to disappoint her children having only one house to visit, I've arranged with my good trustworthy neighbours this morning that their children would gather at 5.45pm, and they would walk around with their maids and/or babysitters behind them (concern of stray dogs and strangers), and all the 5 houses would pretend to be surprised with them knocking on doors and we would distribute sweets to these kids.

I am going to prepare goodie bags for them after work today. Fun size chocolates. Candy bars. Funny hats and may be I will decor my front gate and Bobby needs a new hairdo too!

I am so happy and so looking forward to Halloween tomorrow!

Who Is Chubby?

Last week I've experienced one of the scary "Odd One Out" moments for myself. After a meeting, all members were asked by the Chairperson to take a group photo. Either I have to blame today's digital technology or I am simply not photogenic at all, everyone rushed to the photographer to have a quick look at the group photo after the photographer counted 1-2-3!

I didn't need more than 2 seconds to identify myself in the small panel of the digital camera - because I was the fattest woman in the picture. Or to be politically correct, I was the Chubbiest. All other female participants probably might have a waist of not more than 23 inches.

One of the familiar faces called out to me: Hey, you look strong in the picture!
Pancake: Thank you (annoying face gradually showing).

Another participant said: You are energetic every time I see you. But increasingly you are very healthy too.
Pancake: It's good to be healthy. I don't have to miss deadlines to submit report on time and no sick leaves needed (sarcastic tone eventually showing).

There are many types of fat. Fat-Fat implies I deserve to be fat because I simply do not bother to stay healthy and I do not exercise. The ironic part is I am Exercise-Fat: I exercise more than before, and yet I am heavier than before. In fact, I am back to my chubby weight 7 years ago.

Ok, may be I am just big bone (excuse). Ok Ok, may be I just happen to look more atheletic than most women my age (definitely, excuse).

If people are welcoming the thought of Chubby Nano, why are they so sarcastic on my chubbiness. Afterall, I am definitely the cutest late 30s woman around! Post Script: Cute - Ugly but ok, adorable.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Other Sun Of My Life

A friend recently commented that I am an interesting but highly complicated woman. At work, I am like an iron lady. Outside work, I am 37 going on 17.

Whatever others said, I still like to think that I am an optimistic Sagittarian with fire elements in my star sign and places high hope on numerology and tarot readings to solve mazes .....

When I wake up in the morning, I love to see the sun shining bright as if to greet me
Good Morning with a high 5!

I love to wake up in the morning knowing everyone in my family is healthy and happy!

I love the feeling to walk into my office when everyone looks energetic and positive.

Am I asking too much for my life?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby Talk

According to the date approximated by gynae, my sis-in-law's delivery date should be around this time next month. We are so excited at home, and keep checking the list whether we have left out any important things for the baby. Drypers ... I need to remind my sis-in-law to get Drypers for newborns. Soooo exciting to be an auntie!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Same Habit Or No Improvement

It's interesting to keep a blog, because with a click of the mouse you found out what you did last year this day.

What I couldn't believe is: last year exactly this time of the year I also wrote a posting on "I miss Brisbane".

Geez, is this called consistency in organising my life, or basically I have no improvement in the quality of my life?

ps: Don't laugh. HeHe ...
Note: I didn't draw the enclosed figure, I took it from

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I am amazed with the construction of bridges since young. And I am particularly impressed with sunset view of bridges.

I found it most de-stressing to come home and relaxing in the balcony admiring at the bridge with sunset at the background.

While I was in Brisbane, I could see a bridge from my apartment's kitchen. Sorry to disappoint, not the well-known Story Bridge (that you can see from picture on the right). I love that feeling of looking at that bridge while preparing my dinner. Those stress-free days.

Give And Take

I don't know who was the painter for the painting above. I like the skyscrapers, but I found the biggest flaw of the painting is why did the woman pulled the curtain. It's the man's responsibilities to handle the heavier task.

I dislike it when I heard lines such as:

"Well, if you women want gender equality, then prove to us you can move this by yourself"
- To me they are just a bunch of manipulative men when they said this line to my friends.

"Hey we can move this ourselves, we are the superwomen of the new generation"
- To me an important skill that every superwoman of the new generation should equip is how to delegate work to their men counterparts and ensure the men accepted those work willingly without expecting anything in return.

I would be ashamed of myself if I were the man in the painting, expecting a weaker woman to pull the curtain for him while he just stood there like a block admiring the skyscrapers view.

I belonged to the generation where the school system taught us to give but never take. I began to realise it is incorrect (at least in my principle) when at work, my subordinates took my kindness for granted. In relationship, I have forgotten to "take". Eventually I realised my love has been taken for granted, but it was already too late to salvage the situation.

Now, I have learnt. I have to be kind. I have to be kind to those who love me. I have to be kind to myself too.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Listen To Who And Who

My maid told me this morning our pet dog Bobby wanted to bite her. This is strange, I thought to myself. Bobby lied down quietly beside my chair having his nap when I was having my breakfast. My father told me he hit Bobby with a broken umbrella because Bobby bitten his left hand.

I believe the truth is: the maid locked Bobby in a cage yesterday because she found Bobby hairs lying around the kitchen floor. I don't think that's a good idea, because Bobby shouldn't be punished for he dropped his hair. To begin with, if he could hold a broom, he would sweep the floor himself. He is such a clever dog, and I don't understand why should my maid lock him up. So I reminded her this morning not to lock Bobby again. I knew Bobby still hold against the maid for locking him up. So, when my father asked the maid to hold Bobby's fore-legs because he wanted to trim Bobby's hair, Bobby threatened to bite her. Bobby barked more and he bitten my father's left hand. My father, probably was panicked, and beaten Bobby with a broken umbrella that was about to be trashed.

I knew I am very protective of my dog. My heart broken seeing Bobby licking his wound on his leg this morning. He didn't respond to me and my mother calling him. I believe he was very upset - not knowing why he was locked up, not knowing why he was beaten. Now I really understand why people say "What a dog's life!".

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I used to run religiously like a rat on treadmill when I was in Brisbane four years ago. I got slacking the last couple of years, and my weight has creeped beyond my ideal weight these days. SO, I go back running again. It was tough in the beginning when I couldn't run beyond 3 laps without much resting in between. Endurance and pace got better after my sister Woofhams's encouraging words when she was home. Now I could run 12 laps and beyond when I am in good mood and not overload with too much work. Besides, 6 laps are normal to my routine now. I am proud of myself that in the gym, I could beat all the younger women and even all other gym goers. I must say three cheers to my endurance level these days.

You will be wondering why that photo for today's posting. One day during our trip home from the gym, my make-up words ability beaten my speech-speed and I kept referring Marathoner as Maratonist until my sister corrected me. HeHe ... I am always such creative!!!