Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Listen To Who And Who

My maid told me this morning our pet dog Bobby wanted to bite her. This is strange, I thought to myself. Bobby lied down quietly beside my chair having his nap when I was having my breakfast. My father told me he hit Bobby with a broken umbrella because Bobby bitten his left hand.

I believe the truth is: the maid locked Bobby in a cage yesterday because she found Bobby hairs lying around the kitchen floor. I don't think that's a good idea, because Bobby shouldn't be punished for he dropped his hair. To begin with, if he could hold a broom, he would sweep the floor himself. He is such a clever dog, and I don't understand why should my maid lock him up. So I reminded her this morning not to lock Bobby again. I knew Bobby still hold against the maid for locking him up. So, when my father asked the maid to hold Bobby's fore-legs because he wanted to trim Bobby's hair, Bobby threatened to bite her. Bobby barked more and he bitten my father's left hand. My father, probably was panicked, and beaten Bobby with a broken umbrella that was about to be trashed.

I knew I am very protective of my dog. My heart broken seeing Bobby licking his wound on his leg this morning. He didn't respond to me and my mother calling him. I believe he was very upset - not knowing why he was locked up, not knowing why he was beaten. Now I really understand why people say "What a dog's life!".

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