Monday, April 30, 2007


"If you measured your life by looking at your Have-Nots, you will never be happy. You will complain you have too little or none of most things others have. If you looked at your Haves no matter how little they are, you will have a lot under your wings."

Saturday, April 28, 2007

If You Think I Am Cute, Please Look At My Two Aunties

We'll have a new family member this November. No, No, I am not getting married this November. My sister-in-law is 10 weeks pregnant now. It is exciting to know late November this year I'll have a little niece or little nephew. My parents commented my sister Woofhams and I are more excited than them with this Good News! Rather, I should say many times I've spotted my mother couldn't stop smiling when she was sitting by herself in the living room - I know she was thinking of the baby, the "New Little Someone". Every time we mention of the "New Little Someone", my father has revealed a "Happy Grandpa Face" and he has quit smoking.

My sis-in-law is less tired these days. She is talking and eating more now.

Kirsten for Girl, and Kiegan for Boy. My mother doesn't want my sis-in-law to go for ultra-sound unless the gynaecologist insists on it. So, we haven't have any ultra-sound plates to upload here.

Before my brother's wedding, Woofhams and I were busy preparing for his wedding and we flipped through bridal magazines and studied others' ideas. Now, we have moved on to the phase to study pregnancy. I've developed a new hobby lately. Everytime I bump into any of my married female friends, I would repeat the ritual:

  • Hey, which clinic did you go to?
  • Oh, did you take the orange or the yellow cap folic acid? Is it necessary to take vitamin E?
  • Did you have water retention during your third trimester?
  • Did you like to eat any food in particular?
  • Is it normal to sleep too much during the first 8 weeks?

I can't wait to meet the "New little Someone"!

When Less Could Be More

When I was younger, I was the "Problems Kid" at home. Used to be, my late step-grandfather had to prepare a list of answers for my never-ending questions every day after school.

This morning as soon as I woke up, I asked myself: We can afford to have more of everything now compare to when we were 15. But Why am I not as happy as when I was 15?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

The Angel Wears Nine West!
ps: Sad. I've to chuck my most dependable heels this afternoon - broke the right heel.

The Beginning Of The End

I'm going to place my order this weekend for J.K.Rowling's 7th book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which is due to release on 21st July 2007. Spoiler warning: The author has stated that, the final volume completes the unfinished story from book six: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and she doesn't have plans for any sequels concerning Harry Potter after the 7th book.

Tips for Rowling: Well, instead of sequels, why not try out a prequel like the Star Wars prequel trilogy. I believe many would like to know more of Voldermort. From the last two books, Harry Potter seems to bear many similarities to Voldermort. Question is: who is, in fact, the real Boy Who Lived?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Lease of Life

Last three weeks were hectic for my family. My aunt's husband, Uncle Lai, fell sick, and the oncologist has estimated Uncle Lai's lifespan to be between three weeks and three months. On 7th of April, after approximately six weeks fighting with lung cancer, Uncle Lai passed away.

I observed my aunt and her eldest daughter transformation from little women to independent women in these six weeks. They have stopped crying in public although I believe they will not stop mourning for Uncle Lai.

Approximately ten days ago while I was window-shopping with my sister Woofhams, I saw a familiar face. When I was about to say Hi, he pretended that he didn't see me and walked away. I was pondering for a while and confiding in Woofhams of how I felt. Later that evening, I told myself: We are in this world on a lease of 60 odd years, and no point to waste my time frustuating over an insecure creature who doesn't bother to greet a friend.

I have finished two books in the past 10 days: a book that has made me cry and laugh at the same time and a book that has upset me tremendously. Both books taught me two important messages: (1) Only family stays with us through thick and thin; and (2) the good looking, suave Korean's Rain lookalike is good to view from a distance, ultimately the most reliable man is the one who keeps you safe and protects you without jeopardising your privacy.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


A while ago I looked at my postings last April, and I have noticed I have changed - I am no more mused over Mr Scorpio, I am better in selecting relevant pictures for my postings, I have gone from general anxiety disorder -> moody then
-> depression and back to optimism again.

Hopefully by next April, I'll be an even better person, wholistically (I believe, my made-up word again).

I took this accompanying picture from the web because I love the Tom Riddler's diary in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret. This early afternoon, I was reading my sister's blog and she talked about missing our grandparents. I am the eldest born at home, and easily elevated me as the apple of our grandparents' eyes. I was an angel in my paternal grandmother's eyes. And, of course, in our heart, granny will always be our Guardian Angel! The Most Beautiful Guardian Angel.

I was an attention-grabbing kid when I was young, and had so many times driven my grandmother up the wall. If anyone were to ask me, what is the only thing I am most regret about. I am most regret about I have never told my granny "I'm sorry. I have taken your kindness and love for granted". If I were given a Tom Riddler's diary and able to communicate with the deceased ancestors. I would want to write down in the diary and make my granny proud: "I love you. All of us love you. We miss you very much. You are always in our heart everywhere we go".

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Family Unit

Unit, Unity, Similarity.


When I was a teenager, there was once my mother had a heated argument with my father over buying fish. To cool both of them down, I suggested: "Papa, why don't you go and buy the fish you mentioned earlier and Mama will buy the fish which she likes. We promise we will finish both fish at dinner."

My clever suggestion! It turned out Papa came back 20 minutes later with the same type of fish that Mama has bought. And the ironic part is both of them have bought same type of fish in the same quantity even though they went in different directions and bought fish from different vendors in the market!


Last December a few days before Christmas, there was once my entire family were eating out in a crowded hawker centre. We group ourselves into 4 teams: Papa and Mama, Woofhams and her husband, my brother and my sister-in-law, then myself. We went in different directions to buy food of our choice. 15 minutes later we returned to the big table with all dumplings!


Although Ching Ming (Grave Cleaning Day) falls on 5th April every year, many families in Brunei carry out the rituals (ie. burning joss sticks and imitation paper money, offering chicken and rice and weeding the area) a week before the real day to avoid traffic congestion at the cemetery. Last Sunday after burning all paper monies for my granduncle (ie. my grandfather's third brother) and with the temperature screaming at 36 degree celcius, all of us were hungry and thirsty.

Papa led the group: Let's go and grab food & drink.
Uncle Bin asked: What do you like to eat?
Papa: Usual.
10 minutes later we arrived at a popular eating place in Kuala Belait (the oil town of Brunei), and waitress asked for our order, Papa and Uncle Bin gave a unified response without hesitation: Chicken rice and Teh si!