Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Lease of Life

Last three weeks were hectic for my family. My aunt's husband, Uncle Lai, fell sick, and the oncologist has estimated Uncle Lai's lifespan to be between three weeks and three months. On 7th of April, after approximately six weeks fighting with lung cancer, Uncle Lai passed away.

I observed my aunt and her eldest daughter transformation from little women to independent women in these six weeks. They have stopped crying in public although I believe they will not stop mourning for Uncle Lai.

Approximately ten days ago while I was window-shopping with my sister Woofhams, I saw a familiar face. When I was about to say Hi, he pretended that he didn't see me and walked away. I was pondering for a while and confiding in Woofhams of how I felt. Later that evening, I told myself: We are in this world on a lease of 60 odd years, and no point to waste my time frustuating over an insecure creature who doesn't bother to greet a friend.

I have finished two books in the past 10 days: a book that has made me cry and laugh at the same time and a book that has upset me tremendously. Both books taught me two important messages: (1) Only family stays with us through thick and thin; and (2) the good looking, suave Korean's Rain lookalike is good to view from a distance, ultimately the most reliable man is the one who keeps you safe and protects you without jeopardising your privacy.

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