Saturday, April 07, 2007


A while ago I looked at my postings last April, and I have noticed I have changed - I am no more mused over Mr Scorpio, I am better in selecting relevant pictures for my postings, I have gone from general anxiety disorder -> moody then
-> depression and back to optimism again.

Hopefully by next April, I'll be an even better person, wholistically (I believe, my made-up word again).

I took this accompanying picture from the web because I love the Tom Riddler's diary in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret. This early afternoon, I was reading my sister's blog and she talked about missing our grandparents. I am the eldest born at home, and easily elevated me as the apple of our grandparents' eyes. I was an angel in my paternal grandmother's eyes. And, of course, in our heart, granny will always be our Guardian Angel! The Most Beautiful Guardian Angel.

I was an attention-grabbing kid when I was young, and had so many times driven my grandmother up the wall. If anyone were to ask me, what is the only thing I am most regret about. I am most regret about I have never told my granny "I'm sorry. I have taken your kindness and love for granted". If I were given a Tom Riddler's diary and able to communicate with the deceased ancestors. I would want to write down in the diary and make my granny proud: "I love you. All of us love you. We miss you very much. You are always in our heart everywhere we go".

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