Saturday, April 28, 2007

If You Think I Am Cute, Please Look At My Two Aunties

We'll have a new family member this November. No, No, I am not getting married this November. My sister-in-law is 10 weeks pregnant now. It is exciting to know late November this year I'll have a little niece or little nephew. My parents commented my sister Woofhams and I are more excited than them with this Good News! Rather, I should say many times I've spotted my mother couldn't stop smiling when she was sitting by herself in the living room - I know she was thinking of the baby, the "New Little Someone". Every time we mention of the "New Little Someone", my father has revealed a "Happy Grandpa Face" and he has quit smoking.

My sis-in-law is less tired these days. She is talking and eating more now.

Kirsten for Girl, and Kiegan for Boy. My mother doesn't want my sis-in-law to go for ultra-sound unless the gynaecologist insists on it. So, we haven't have any ultra-sound plates to upload here.

Before my brother's wedding, Woofhams and I were busy preparing for his wedding and we flipped through bridal magazines and studied others' ideas. Now, we have moved on to the phase to study pregnancy. I've developed a new hobby lately. Everytime I bump into any of my married female friends, I would repeat the ritual:

  • Hey, which clinic did you go to?
  • Oh, did you take the orange or the yellow cap folic acid? Is it necessary to take vitamin E?
  • Did you have water retention during your third trimester?
  • Did you like to eat any food in particular?
  • Is it normal to sleep too much during the first 8 weeks?

I can't wait to meet the "New little Someone"!

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