Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Season Part 1

I've agreed to a friend's suggestion that tomorrow when her children knocked on my front door at 6pm, I have to pretend that their mother has never pre-arranged the Halloween Trick-Or-Treat with me. Not to disappoint her children having only one house to visit, I've arranged with my good trustworthy neighbours this morning that their children would gather at 5.45pm, and they would walk around with their maids and/or babysitters behind them (concern of stray dogs and strangers), and all the 5 houses would pretend to be surprised with them knocking on doors and we would distribute sweets to these kids.

I am going to prepare goodie bags for them after work today. Fun size chocolates. Candy bars. Funny hats and may be I will decor my front gate and Bobby needs a new hairdo too!

I am so happy and so looking forward to Halloween tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet and fun! I wish I'm home for Halloween.

pancake Queen said...

I respect my friend D for this reason. Although she is competitive at work, she never neglects her responsibility as a mother.

She called me and sent me a few texts since yesterday to make sure I won't forget about the appointment. Very responsible and caring mother like our Mama. I really respect good quality mother like Mama and D.