Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who Is Chubby?

Last week I've experienced one of the scary "Odd One Out" moments for myself. After a meeting, all members were asked by the Chairperson to take a group photo. Either I have to blame today's digital technology or I am simply not photogenic at all, everyone rushed to the photographer to have a quick look at the group photo after the photographer counted 1-2-3!

I didn't need more than 2 seconds to identify myself in the small panel of the digital camera - because I was the fattest woman in the picture. Or to be politically correct, I was the Chubbiest. All other female participants probably might have a waist of not more than 23 inches.

One of the familiar faces called out to me: Hey, you look strong in the picture!
Pancake: Thank you (annoying face gradually showing).

Another participant said: You are energetic every time I see you. But increasingly you are very healthy too.
Pancake: It's good to be healthy. I don't have to miss deadlines to submit report on time and no sick leaves needed (sarcastic tone eventually showing).

There are many types of fat. Fat-Fat implies I deserve to be fat because I simply do not bother to stay healthy and I do not exercise. The ironic part is I am Exercise-Fat: I exercise more than before, and yet I am heavier than before. In fact, I am back to my chubby weight 7 years ago.

Ok, may be I am just big bone (excuse). Ok Ok, may be I just happen to look more atheletic than most women my age (definitely, excuse).

If people are welcoming the thought of Chubby Nano, why are they so sarcastic on my chubbiness. Afterall, I am definitely the cutest late 30s woman around! Post Script: Cute - Ugly but ok, adorable.


Anonymous said...

Same here. I think I can't go any skinnier than now. Well, I'm still stuck with the baby fat on my face.

Well, guess that's what makes us look young :) I think looking healthy is better than looking skinny.

You look healthier, Che. Stay healthy.

pancake Queen said...


Gossip Corner: Ann is in HK attending hair-cutting course now. So, Katie assigned Cecilia to wash my hair yesterday. Guess what Cecilia said to me:

Oh Madam, you should stop eating. Your face is too round now and your body is very fat!

pancake Queen said...

Post Script: You are not fat. You have no fats to shed, so don't say you can't be any skinnier. Also, your face is much sharper than last year this time.

Anonymous said...

The lady needs a mirror and a scotch tap.

Mirror is to look at yourself and scotch tap is to keep her foul mouth shut up.

Anonymous said...

I meant look at 'herself'...feel like scolding her already :P

pancake Queen said...

HaHa ... nevermind. I was upset when I first heard her comment. However, with my YoYo character, I bounce back to normal-optimistic-self easily.