Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Better Sunday

In the last 4 years ..
My Sundays were dull and boring.

Used to be, Sundays were the day I was so much looking forward,
Now it seems Sundays are just days for me to have an excuse to stay at home. 

I may have betrayed by many friends and hence don't see the point to meet new friends,
I may have been hurt too many times in failed relationships. 

But I haven't given up on my life,
Counting my fingers from 1 to 10, 
I am still as sober as I was before,
Comparing myself with Woofhams, Karen and Eunice,
Why am I behaving like a premature-ageing lady talking to own shadow.

My family is always behind me, 
And I have decided not to upset them by changing my lifestyle.

A year has 52 Sundays no matter I am happy or sad,
No more groomy Sundays from today, only the groovy Sundays ..
I'll wake up early like the real me, and discover a new lifestyle with hidden treasures that are waiting.

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