Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nursery Rhymes

Babysitting can be fun if you know at least 5 nursery rhymes. Although I love singing, remembering lyrics has never been my strength. I have been acknowledged by many that I could sing since I was at the age of 18. However, almost 20 years later, I face one of the biggest challenges to my singing hobby today and the referee is my nephew Baby K. 

My SIL needed to go out this afternoon and I volunteered to babysit Baby K. I expected the babysitting task as no much hassle especially she has promised me to feed and change Baby K's nappy before she went out. But, having no parenting experience myself, I have neglected on the aspect of baby's afternoon nap. 

Baby K loves music, and his mother sings when he is ready for his afternoon nap. This afternoon, Mama advised me to sing instead of playing the nursery rhymes cds for him. After 5 minutes struggle with which song I should sing, I chose "London Bridge is falling down". I started blaming whoever wrote the rhymes of London Bridge - "Why can't s/he write it longer, so I have time to think of which song next". So, having no time to reflect more, I picked my favourite song "500 Miles". The minute I sang 500 ...., Baby K looked at me with puzzling expressions as if to remark: "Eldest Aunt, you can't sing a proper song!"


Mama said to me: "Sing a kids' song, not a grown up song"

I thought to myself: "Kids' songs, nursery, nursery rhymes, yep rhymes!"

I started to sing "Old McDonald had a farm". It went ok, both Mama and Baby K seemed to enjoy my singing UNTIL ... I forgot whether dog's moo should come first or duck's quack, or whether pig's oink should come last after horse's neigh. 

When I was thinking seriously like a student sitting for examination, Baby K started to make grumbling sound. HaHa, so I decided to lip sync like Ashlee Simpson with a cd playing in the background. How embarrassing!

I've promised myself that I must brush up my nursery rhymes, and by tomorrow afternoon, I should be able to sing a better, complete version of "Humpty Dumpty" :-)

Btw, for "OMHAF" nursery rhyme, it's dog's moo, follows by pig's oink, duck's quack and horse's neigh.

So, a tip for will-be parents and will-be aunties and uncles, don't forget to brush up your nursery rhymes and good ones to start are "Rain, Rain, Go Away" (especially post-Euro 2008 effect) besides "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". 

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