Friday, June 13, 2008

Ageing ... Effortlessly

I was unwell with fever the last two days, I guess it was probably due to lack of rest and the traveling in the past three weeks. It wasn't anything major, but I believe my body was packed with pollutants and toxins. To make the dehydration worse, I took too much coffee and too little fruits. I felt very bloated since mid April, and has complained about it umpteen times but made no effort to cut down my coffee or take up more healthy food. 

In view of I was starting to recover yesterday, I woke up early to
brush up and ready for work. The minute I looked into the mirror, I saw a strange woman in the mirror reflection that I am sort of familiar with but not able to recognise at first glance. I found myself looking older, far older than expected. 8 years ago, I could still easily be mistaken for a fresh graduate. 8 years later, I believe I look like a mother of 2 teenagers. It's absolutely nothing wrong with ageing, but it must be ageing gracefully. 

I found myself age rather abruptly. My 11 yo cousin told me I frowned even when I eat! Laneige's salesgirl told me my skin has lost its usual elasticity and I have a sagging cheekbones. This remark is really a big concern to me. I am usually very proud of my big eyes and high cheekbones. 

I noticed less of crow feet (strange! I squint my eyes a lot and even younger Eunice Olsen has crow feet), but more of laugh lines for myself. I also noticed dark spots, freckles and "unexplanable" weight gain. 

Honestly, I am not entirely too freak out with ageing. Ageing matters, but it matters more to me when I age too abruptly. So, I am quitting coffee, replacing it with green tea. I have decided to take more Manuka honey. I take cod liver oil and I drink Anlene. 

I told my 11 yo cousin about my new plan, and she said: "Geez, no offence, this is supplementary diet for retirees." Ha2!


soleil said...

Good luck with your new diet plan! I hope to age gracefully too as I get older. How old are you anyway? When I first started reading your blog I thought you were pretty close to my age (27) but from what I read recently I'm guessing you're a little older than myself.

pancake Queen said...

I am 27 + 11 B-D

cheese said...

Hi pq, been ages since my last visit here. Nah... most of your so called ageing signs can be delayed and improved by mit cheese's magical tools . Ha ha ha... How've you been? Everything's fine on my side when you flew off. Dong Dong was back to his playful self already. Hope everyone in your family is doing fine.

pancake Queen said...

Hey Cheese! I haven't been updating my blog as diligent as last year. I'm glad to know Dong Dong is back to usual playful self again ..... and also glad to find out you are back to your usual active self again too!