Thursday, June 05, 2008

Testing Time

The past one month was the toughest month for my family and myself - my mother's EPS (ElectroPhysiology) Ablation procedure, my sister's marriage issue and the unnecessary office politics which could be easily avoided if one has a better sense of professionalism.

I prayed to my God and my Angels, asked them to bless me with more courage and strength. I thank God for She has really given me a great pat on my shoulders. Mama is recovering well. Papa is getting more independent despite his temper could still be unreasonable at times. Woofhams's emotion is more in control these days and I am very impressed with her ability to juggle between taking care of our parents and her work during this period I am not besides them. She has done extremely well.

Actually, on the plane from Brunei to Singapore, I began to realise one important message God is trying to tell me: Never undermine your parents' adaptability to their new environment. Given them ample time to rethink of the "system", they would be able to adapt and act more independently than your initial expectations.

The first law of expansion is "order".
For something to grow, it needs "system".
- Andrew Matthews, Author of "Happiness in a Nutshell"


soleil said...

I'm sorry you were going through a hard time. I'm glad things seem to be better now.

pancake Queen said...

Thanks Soleil. I believe this hard time is just a temporary phase, good things are waiting for my family and me B-)