Monday, September 22, 2008

A Team's Motto

Initially I've decided on "Time Not Enough" as today's post title - it was inspired by a Singapore's movie "Money Not Enough" which depicts on middle-income group living in today's Singapore who have to juggle everyday between "many bills to pay" and "how to be rich".

I've changed the title on second thought, because I don't think the source of my argument is exactly on insufficient time.

Well, my family and friends who know me extremely well, knew that I have different variables to quantify my "richness". Money has never been my major worry, primarily is because I am not after a luxury life, I just need a comfortable life.

Time, however, is a challenging component in my life. Despite my efficiency at tasks I am doing and my good time-management skills, 24 hours is just not enough for me to complete every task I aim to do. I am still reading Rhonda Bryne's "The Secret", and last night in the midst of reading and reflecting, I did a "mid-term review" on things I have done as well as haven't done, and I found that if there was one thing I haven't done enough and that would be I haven't had enough time to sit down and listen to my younger siblings - listening to their successful stories, giving them guidances and advice, sharing jokes, and discussing on future.

Thinking back to the time when we poured baby powder on the floor and pretending it was snowing in Brunei, and we took out my mother's clothings from her wardrobe because we wanted to play cashier and shoppers games, thinking to the time I grabbed their hands to run with me .. time indeed passes by too swiftly. Although I haven't been playing an active sister role, I want my siblings to know that for every decision I make and every step I do, I will never leave any of them behind.


woofhams said...

Yes Che. I know.

I'm the one who is irresponsible and lousy. Been away and still away...

Pancake Queen said...

Hey Hey ;-D I wrote this post not to send you on guilt trip. Cheer up!! Baby K doesn't like a grumpy GodMom ;-D