Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Principle

1) Anything good in our life comes from our ability to achieve and be free.

2) The best way for us to forget a destructive, negative criticism is to let go of it.

3) Anything bad in life comes from sinking to the level of those small minded around us.

4) Remember to refuse to participate in anything petty and not constructive.


soleil said...

I agree w/ you on all 4 accounts!!

No one can make us feel bad or inferior without our consent. And, I've learned that it's those who *try* to make others feel bad about themselves are the people that have the most insecurities and the least confidence. When someone feels good about themselves they don't feel the need to make others feel bad. Simple as that.

Pancake Queen said...

I agree! Last 2 weeks, I was surrounded by negative minds. That's why I've decided to write down my principle to remind myself who I am and who I always will be -I WILL NOT BE NEGATIVELY INFLUENCED BY ANYONE!!