Sunday, January 06, 2008

Who Moved My Cheese

I am curious whether the way our head lay on pillow might have an impact on whether we are a left brain or a right brain preference person?

The following paragraphs in quotes are taken from Jim Rees's "Transform the way you live and work".

"Our brain works like a switchboard operator, taking in information, making judgments based on what we believe to be true, and then rationalise and making decisions. Of the many theories in neuroscience, that of the brain dominance is the chapter that I am most interested.

To begin with, our brain has two hemispheres, left and right.

The left brain is more analytical and is responsible for deductive reasoning, logic, discipline, structure, time sequence, mathematics, etc. People with a left brain preference will tend to learn step-by-step, beginning with the details and moving on to the bigger picture.

reading, crosswords/sudoku, logic, story telling, well-structured projects, being organised, rationality.

The right brain is considered to be responsible for the emotions, feelings, intuition, spontaneity, risk-taking, sensitivity and visualising, etc. People with a right brain preference usually start with the overview of a skill and then get into the specifics.

reading for details, intuitive problem solving, art, acting out stories, sports, team work and activities and multi-tasking."

Needless to say, I am a born "left brainer" and a natural nerd. HaHa ...
Now, come back to my question, whether our sleeping pattern might have an influence on our brain preference? I am curious. I am equally curious whether (1) it's possible to have no preference, but rather a balance of both left and right brain functioning, and (2) what is the benchmarking of the "balance"?

"Visualise success in order to succeed" - Jim Rees


dandelion dust said...

I am left handed and am much more right brained than left brained.

I prefer to lay the left side of my head on the pillow and sleep on my left side at night

pancake Queen said...

I am thinking, may be the associations could make some sense on the right handedness and left brain preference.

I am right handed, though I send text messages using left hand! I lay the left side of my head on pillow and sleep on the right side of the bed.

Argh! Still no answer! HaHa ...

This left brain, right brain thing is going to kill me (lots of laugh) ;)