Monday, January 14, 2008

New Projects

Holiday season is over. I am back to my busy schedule. It's not fun particularly when the internet connection both at work and at home are not working efficiently because of the disruption from the rare thunderstorm a week ago.

At work: I couldn't access my inbox at the time I want it, and I can't reply all my e-mails promptly. It is really annoying.

At home: I am learning to paint (both oil painting & water colouring) from all useful information available on the net. The internet disruption has put me on hold on my new projects. Sigh. Snippets of lady in London and Paris paintings from

I had a big breakfast this morning, but now I am hungry. I wish I could have a big bowl of vegetable soup now. Picture from:

I looked into my wardrobe, and didn't know what I wanted to wear this morning. Similar to my shoes theory: the more you bought, the more you tend to wear the old, comfortable pair. The busybody co-worker has started to hint at me: Hi, haven't I seen you in this green one last week? Pancake smiled: You are right. Green is my feng sui colour this month (I've replied in the House's typical self-satisfied smirks).

HaHa ... we are living our life fully when we manage to find ways to deal with the challenges.


Higuita said...

Funny Blog

Ivan, Sassari, Italy

pancake Queen said...

Thanks for compliments on my blog!