Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Could You Hear Me?

Mr Scorpio asked me the last time we had lunch together: Have I done something wrong?
Pancake: Yep, you always say "Listen, Listen".
Mr Scorpio: What's wrong with that?
Pancake: You are not wrong, but you've said it to a person who has listened enough and it's timely for her words to be heard too.

A young colleague asked Pancake three weeks ago, "What kind of guy will attract you?"
Pancake: A guy with good ears.
Colleague: Ears?? All of us have ears.
Pancake: Well, not all of us have a pair of good listening ears.

Post Script: Don't call me a feminist, but I don't agree with the latter part of the book title (see enclosed picture) which says "women can't read maps". Even before the invention of GPS, I could read maps faster, better, and point out more accurate routes than my male friends. The phrase would read more appropriately as "women don't like to read maps" especially when there are men who are willing to read for them.

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