Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Even Smurf Will Laugh At This!

Below story was adapted from a comic strip that I recently read.

The mechanic knocked on the door and called out: Mr. Thornnapple
Mr Thornapple: Yes, coming!
Mr Thornapple: Is my car ready?
Mechanic: Yup.
Mr Thornapple: We've made it just like new for you, as you requested!
Mr Thornapple: WONDERFUL! You were able to fix that knocking in the engine and the squeak in the brakes and that thumping noise in the suspension??
Mechanic: No, I'm sorry. But we weren't able to repair any of those things.

Mr Thornapple looked puzzle: Then how did you make it just like new?
Mechanic smiled: We have turned back your odometer!


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Ha Ha ... there is no miracle in this world!