Monday, March 09, 2009

Feeling Rejuvenate Again!

Before last Saturday, I should say I haven't really had a good rest for nearly two years. I ran around like a headless chicken for most times in the past two years. So, I took a day off work last Saturday and because it's a long weekend this week, all in all I have 4 days to rest. And, I must say I am like a new person again, almost!

Used to be, especially, last December I was so tired that it has seriously affected my judgement, and I "almost" lost focus and direction along the way. My health has deteriorated too. Throwing tantrums, self-doubt and phoebia of mobile phone calls + phone texts + e-mails were all signs that I was overly stressed and my energy was over-stretched too. I chose to ignore those signs in the past.

Thanks God, it might be a blessing in disguise, a headache came in time last Monday to signal me that I was well but I was tired. Although I am working from home these four days, the more relaxing working schedule soothes my tension. 

I have learnt an important lesson from this experience: When you are tired, have a small break. Walk away for a while, you will come back clearer and happier. 

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