Monday, March 09, 2009

Everything Counts

I used to belittle the power of gestures and words. Drop a call to say hi, compliment on a friend's new hairstyle, write an e-mail to find out whether a friend needs help with her wedding planning, etc. Not until recently, I found out if you do it more than once and do it well, you will get good remarks. If you do it repeatedly well, they will soon become your "branding". 

I used to think we read each other's mind, so I tried not to explain or avoided courtesy calls. I saw these acts as wishy-washy, which I found out few weeks ago that they are the source of my unhappiness/problems which I didn't create them myself directly. But, indirectly. 

It's impossible to explain everything in one posting. The story I want to share is too long. In the nutshell, don't bottle your feelings & thoughts because people won't know when you don't tell. Also, don't stuff your notes in bottles and expecting them to be picked up one day by someone who understood. Well, the bottles may not or will not reach them. It's more productive and fetch more certainty if you just tell. Don't set up a small committee inside your own head and thinking that people will understand you because you've thought through the entire process carefully. Well, people can't read your mind, but they can read/hear your words and they can see your actions. 

Pancakeism's Food for Thought:
Think before you speak
Speak with purpose/s
Purpose/s must be clear
Clear thoughts stand a higher chance to succeed. 

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