Sunday, January 04, 2009

BrightLight's Prayer

Photo taken by Woofhams

Since young, I've never been a spiritual person. I'm not an Atheist either, because I believe in the existence of God. I believe there is only one God in this world, but I'm unsure of Her/His's role yet to date. However, I sense Joy, Security and Peace when I read this prayer in Michelle Casto's 31 December 2008 posting. 

Dear God,

Hear my prayer.

Heal me. Teach Me. Guide Me.

Heal my mind of all negative and irrational thoughts.
Heal my eyes so I can see only goodness and higher potential.
Heal my ears so I can hear only positivity and joy.
Heal my heart so I can only feel love and compassion.
Heal my heart so it attracts only like-minded and soul-centered human beings.
Heal my soul of any generational beliefs or programs of separation and anxiety.

Heal this planet, oh Lord, of narcissism, sexism, hatred, jealousy, greed, and unconscious consumption.

Allow me to play a part in the evolution of consciousness.
Teach me what I most need to know and understand about being a being of Light.
Teach me to activate myself and others into inspired action.

Guide me, God/Goddess, to whom I can help and to where I can do the most good.

May my will be aligned with your will.
As the light that I am, I bless the world and claim Success, Happiness, & Righteousness.

So be this now and eternally.


Woofhams said...

I clicked wrongly...actually I meant I love this entry :)

Pancake Queen said...

No worries, actually I knew you'll love this entry more ;-)

junebug said...

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Pancake Queen said...

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