Sunday, January 04, 2009

8 Choices For A Fulfilling Life

Adapted from Michelle Casto's 3 June 2008 posting.

8 Choices For a Fulfilling Life
Michelle Casto

Choice 1 Know and Love Yourself
To thine own self be true --- love all of you.

Choice 2 Listen to and Follow Your Intuition
Trust that your higher self is leading you in the right direction.

Choice 3 Open Your Heart and Love Freely
Let go of the past and be fully present with others.

Choice 4 Write Out Your Life Vision and Purpose Statements
Live and work according to what is most important to you.

Choice 5 Laugh Out Loud and Often
Give a belly laugh and really see the comedy of life.

Choice 6 Find Your Unique Life Balance
Enjoy equal amounts from your life pie everyday (love, labour, leisure, and learning).

Choice 7 Have a Spiritual Practice
Be and do something everyday to reconnect to Source.

Choice 8 Become a Lifelong Learner
Learn to learn and be a student of life always.


Woofhams said...

I love this entry :)

and of course this new blogskin is so cool!

Pancake Queen said...

Thanks ;-) I found these "8 Choices" from Michelle Casto's website - interesting!

Thanks read: new blogskin ;-D

my blog said...

Great thoughts!! I really agree with those!

Pancake Queen said...

Yes. I particularly like Choice 6 at this stage of my life: Find our unique life balance. I am working on this choice now :-)

Jason Smith said...

Thanks for the post. Good stuff!

Pancake Queen said...

Yes. I've never thought I can find so much serenity from reading until I found these "8 Choices" from Michelle Casto's blog :-)