Thursday, August 14, 2008

If You Think You Can Win, You Have Already Won Half Of The Battle

Baby K is learning fast, and now he demands to sit at dining table like grown-ups and he wants to drink from his own cup. 

I am telling my brother and my SIL, we have to be careful with words we use, and tv programmes we are watching. He is like a piece of new paper, and it's the family's role and responsibility to make sure the good moral and good values are drawn on that piece of paper. I am not allowing guns and knives on our tv screen now, and I am forbidding all silly teenage dramas which fetch no value. I'll let Baby K watches them, but not now, not at this stage when he can't differentiate right or wrong, good or bad. 

A friend asked me last week, what's the first thing on our mind when Baby K was born? It's "Faith", especially on my brother's mind I must say.

We were panicked when my SIL was in the labour room for about 7 hours without food or water, when she didn't feel she was in labour at all due to the epidural. I had no experience of child birth. But, a decision needed to be made, so I told my SIL, "You have to go for the c-section. The water broke too many hours ago". 

We were all so panicked. Thinking back, I couldn't even recall what I said to my brother before he went into the labour room with my SIL. All I knew we should all have faith. Have faith that God is with us, to guide, light, lead and guard us.

An hour after Baby K was born, my brother called Woofhams and also told my mother and myself that, "A person must have faith. Without faith, I wouldn't know how to cope with the time when my wife was in labour. I felt so helpless initially until I decided to have faith in myself, in my wife, in my son, in the doctor and in the hospital". 

It is indeed true of his words. 

"If you think you can achieve it, you can achieve. Faith is necessary tool to Achievement"
"If you believe you are the best, you can be the best"
- adapted from William Hazlitt, English Essayist (1778 - 1830)

"If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary to victory"

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