Monday, August 11, 2008

2008 Olympics Pool Shark

The much discussed topic and Olympics athlete at our dining table this week is Michael Phelps - probably due to my over-publicity at home, haha!! I used to be a Thorpedo's fan, but I can't deny my brother's comment that Thorpedo was good in 2000 Sydney & 2004 Athen Olympics for his freestyle only, while Phelps is a more versatile swimmer - look at how he swam in the 200m butterfly heat recently.

It's really difficult to imagine this is the same boy who used to swim breastroke only when he started swimming because he disliked his head under the water, ha!! Could you imagine this is also the same boy whom mother claimed had an attention-deficit disorder when he was younger!


soleil said...

Aw, I'm a Michael Phelps fan too!! It's hard to imagine he had/has ADD. It takes lots of concentration to get to where he is. I have ADD and I know that I could never even begin to get even half as far as he's gone.

Pancake Queen said...

MP is one very determined boy!!