Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pancakeism On Holiday Soon

I am looking forward to my leave in the last week of July. The last couple of leaves I have applied were usually preoccupied with preparing papers, finishing projects, helping family to carry out some tasks, etc. that I haven't been really live up to the real meaning of "Cuti Rehat" (applying leave for resting and recuperating).

It's mentally healthy and productive for me to have something to look forward to. Finally, I have a "Count Down", 2 more weeks to go!! The feeling is exactly like when I was 9, Woofhams was 6 and DK was 2. Woofhams and I would open our respective shoebox and put on the new shoes several times a day. We would say to each other, "2 more weeks to go. Can't wait for Lunar New Year, and we could really wear these pretty new shoes!"

Do not think children do not have problems;
They have problems, but they use uncomplicated ways to solve their problems.
- Pancakeism on Life

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