Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Little Miss Scary

I believe I might have transformed my status from "Little Miss Sunshine" to "Little Miss Scary" over the years.

Two weeks ago, I've made a new resolution that I shouldn't rot at home and do nothing on Sundays. I did it well for the first half of last Sunday until we were at a retail shop that specialises in massage chairs.

Personally, I don't quite believe in the therapeutic effect of massage chairs. My brother spotted one that is less than 5k and I can't deny the chair looks good in tomato red with all fancy buttons promising to deliver better massage than Osim's iSymphonic. I wasn't tempted because I disliked the over-pressure approach that salesguy was using.

Pancake: Don't worry, give me your name card and I'll let you know within 2 days should we decide to buy. I know your boss, and I'll contact him myself.
Salesguy: No, you won't get this offer if it's not purchase within today. It's useless even if you call my boss.
Pancake: What, you meant your boss is powerless in this decision?
Salesguy: Yes, I deal directly with various dealers, so even my boss can't give you such good price.

I pressured my brother to leave after convincing that salesguy that we had no intention to buy. In fact, I didn't realise my brother was really keen in that chair and he has been thinking about buying an ideal one for quite some time.

I threw my temper while we were in the car on the way back, and made unnecessary loud comments on the concept of under-utilised goods and impulsive spending. I had some minor arguments with my parents as a result.

That unplesant experience is teaching me some good lessons. I was thinking to myself a while ago, "We must learn from our mistakes, otherwise our life is a mistake." My major mistake is, I always want things to go my way and in that "my way", I am turning myself into a "Little Miss Scary."

Note: I am neither giving in nor do I give up on my previous determination. I just learn to prioritise, prioritise on my family's happiness. If everyone at home will be using the chair and it's not under-utilised after a month or two, why should I be thinking that massage chair purchase is impulsive spending.


woofhams said...

Che, please don't be harsh on yourself. I believe your intention was not to buy on impluse...

Ya, I do agree that sometimes we hang on life's rules so tightly that I often forgot about the basic.

Pancake Queen said...

Thanks for your encouraging words!!

You are always more sober and steady than me!!