Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Caffeine, Thanks

Although I am in the process of cutting down my caffeine intake, I must say it's refreshing to look at these three mugs of tea lattes. 


Anonymous said...

Che, I tried the Ocha latte ie. green tea and latte. Not bad indeed. We must try together :)

soleil said...

Oh, they do look refreshing! I've cut WAY down on caffeine too but they sure look yummy!!

Pancake Queen said...

Yep Woofhams, we must try the Ocha Latte together. In fact, this posting was inspired by your Ocha Latte ;p

I saw the review in Female Magazine re Ocha Latte. I believe Ocha will taste better if it's served in the Japanese cup like the one you've tried, rather than in a glass like these ones served in Starbucks.

Pancake Queen said...

Haha Soleil, sorry to make you miss your caffeine. Yes, it's better to cut down your caffeine during this period you are pregnant.

This advert is from Starbucks, btw! The froth makes them look so yummy ;-p