Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Greatest Mistake Is Giving Up

I thought I have cut down my carbo intake, "pull away my sweet tooth", and adopt a healthier lifestyle these days. Strangely, those people who see me these two weeks, keep telling me I have gained weight INSTEAD.

I wonder whether my sacrifices in the past 8 weeks made sense, or the exercise that I have carried out are not sufficient to support my weight loss goal.

I wonder how could those extra weight cling on to me when I am so careful with my diet.

I flipped through a glossy magazine in the salon when I was waiting for my hair to get done, and the report says my size is considered as obese in USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, and I am also in the obese range using their "revised" BMI matrix.

I thought I've lost a kilo. Although I shouldn't be so happy about the mere 1 kilo. It's a good motivator, don't you agree?!

I knew I should be happy in whatever weight range I am, as long as I am healthy. But, which woman in the right mind would response with: "Oh yeah, I've gained weight .. oh that's good news. I've been wanting to gain a kilo or two to look more attractive!"

The only explanation I could give myself to my weight gain: I may be self-deceiving. I may be eating more than before to compensate the thought that I am exercising more now.

It's depressing when I found out that I couldn't wear my favourite clothes anymore. As time passes, they look so tiny to me now. How did I fit in those clothes before??

If I could lose 10 kilos before, why can't I do the same now?


Anonymous said...

Ya, dun give up :)

Some people said things without filtration of senses (insensitive)...so let them be :P

soleil said...

Different diets work differently for different people. Maybe you need to eat more of a balanced diet rather than just counting carbs. My advice is that diets really don't work. What you need to do is change your entire eating habits for day to day living and for the rest of your life. People tend to diet, loose weight and then get off the diet and gain back all the weight quickly. It's much better to make a complete change in your eating habits. I recommend 5-6 small, healthy, balanced meals every day. And drink LOTS of water!! Please don't give up. You can do this!!

Pancake Queen said...

Thanks Woofhams!! Yep, I won't give up. I am the tough cookie, remember, haha.

Yep, it did depress me a while when I heard the "PUTTING ON WEIGHT" remarks, but I forgot after written it down in blog.

If I could start by losing that 1 kilo, why can't I lose the other 9, right? Even if I can't lose the other 9 kilos, another 3 kilos would be good enough as long as I am healthy. I don't like the bloating feeling.

Thanks for your support!!

Pancake Queen said...

Thanks, Soleil. I found taking smaller meals, breaking into say 4 smaller meals, help. To ease the bloating feeling, I try to eat "so I won't feel hungry, but not to eat till I am full".

May be it's to do with my hairstyle too. I used to keep fringe and it helps to conceal my full moon face, haha. I am too tired with the previous hairstyle, so I am growing out the fringe and keeping it straighter. On work days, I tie all up in a corporate-style pony tail. Many comment I look rounder this way. But, I really like my current hairstyle. Who cares about their not-constructive comments, haha.