Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Birthday With Balloons And Little Clowns

I celebrated my birthday last month in Paris, at Eiffel Tower specifically. My young cousin Ben asked me two weeks ago: Che, so how did you feel about celebrating your birthday at Eiffel Tower? I told him: I felt cold, I wasn't satisfied with my performance at the academic conference attended and I missed Brunei.

What was I thinking when I was at the 322 steps of the Eiffel Tower? I missed my family especially Baby K my precious nephew, I missed my home sweet home and I missed Bruneian food haha!

Angel of Doubt told me: Life is bitter.
Angel of Faith advised me: Next birthday would be better.
Joyeux Anniversaire!


dandelion dust said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! That's really cool that you were in Paris!!
Great pictures too!

pancake Queen said...

Thanks for the birthday greeting ;)

Glad that you like those pictures I have taken. I will show you some pictures I took using my hand phone camera when I was in Beijing/October!