Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Full Moon

We celebrated Baby K's Full Moon last week. My brother picked the cake design, I chose the cake flavour and my sister Woofhams designed the wordings.

The Full Moon cake is cute, isn't it ;)

Full Moon Must Have Number 1: Nonya-Baba (descendants of Straits born Chinese) style 'Nasi Minyak'

Full Moon Must Have Number 2: Most decorations in RED!

Full Moon Must Have Number 3: Lots and Lots of red eggs!

Full Moon Must Have Number 4: Lots of 'Ang Ku Kueh' (Nonya-Baba style sweet dessert in red & green) and pastries

Full Moon Must Have Number 5: Plenty of food ........


dandelion dust said...

Happy Full Moon, Baby K! That first cake is cute, and funny. It made me smile :)

All the food looks good

pancake Queen said...

I am saying Thanks on Baby K's behalf! Ya, we love the cake. Many relatives and family friends took pictures of the cake too ;)

Thanks, my Mama is going to love your compliments re: food!!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! Auntie Yen!
wow...weights 4.11Kg...what a big healthy boy!

pancake Queen said...

Thanks Amanda! Yep, Baby K is cute! His favourite colours are red & blue. He needs the nursery rhymes playing in the background when he showers. He loves it when I read him the "Peter Pan" story book ;)