Friday, January 04, 2008

Gone Running

I stumbled upon this picture when I googled for Adidas running wallpaper for my desktop background. This pic has caught my eyes, it is really a very nice family photo. The Adidas advertisement says only a newborn daughter could come between a dedicated runner's run.

Speak of running, I haven't been running for two weeks now. I have been lazy. My excuse is holidays. My thunder thighs are shocking the Brunei nation now. My face is as round as the Pizza Hut's double cheese pizza. Now, I have problems to fit into my Sportsgirl jeans and soon I might not be able to fit into my car. Sigh. One phrase: Get Off The Couch, Back To Running!


dandelion dust said...

Aw, I was hoping that was a pic of your family. Well, I don't post pics of my family, friends or myself either.

I hear you about the exercise. I REALLY need to get moving too!

pancake Queen said...

HaHa ... sorry to disappoint you ;p In actual fact, I don't usually post pictures in my blog unless (1) they are public pictures or (2) I have got their permission to publish in my blog. Obtaining permission is a tedious process for me due to my tight schedule. Thus, I prefer no pictures!

I ran relaxly for 6km today and burnt 488 calories ;)

Boringz said...

It's hard to imagine you, with a round Pizza Hut's double cheese pizza face running 6km relaxly...

Or was it a typo?

Did you mean walk?

And 48.8 calories burned?

Good effort though, considering you're not the sporty type.

Peace ;p