Monday, November 12, 2007

More More Baby Talk

My sis-in-law is 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant now - it's another 10 days plus-minus before her due date. Being first-time aunties, myself and Woofhams are very excited. I asked the gynae too many questions this morning that she even said to me, "don't worry, baby is very healthy. See this is his head, this is his heart beat." Geez, baby K must be very excited knowing his mother, grandmother and auntie are there to see him. His heart is beating so actively. I hope one day when he grows up, he will read my blog and I want him to know how excited we are to welcome him to this world and to this family.

We have chosen name for baby K many months ago, his initials will be KS.T. Being a very organised person, I have even started to think of a girl name for baby K's girl sibling. Regarding baby names, my roles are to search, choose, and short-list. My mother and my sister Woofhams's roles are to improvise and add more flavour to the name. My father's role is to nod (meaning: agree) or frown (implication: disagree). My brother's role is to adopt or reject. If reject the name, the whole name-searching process will start all-over again. Isn't it interesting!

Currently, my favourite girl names are: (1) Destiny Hope and (2) Isla (pronounced: Eye-La). What do you think of these names?

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