Monday, November 12, 2007

If You Think I Am Strong, You Have To Look At My Sister

There are basically four types of athletes in my house. My father and my sister are talented athletes, because they are the two who bring many medals home. My mother is a hidden-talent athlete because she doesn't like sports. However, I believe she will be good in racquet games if she chose to change her mind on sports, because I inherit good arms' strength from her. My brother is a natural athlete, because he is the Jack of all sports and excels in all. He will perform even better if he decides to quit smoking. I am a nurtured athlete, because I didn't do much sports previously and now I am trying to catch up with what I have been missing.

I don't aim to become a professional athlete but by next year this time, I hope I could run faster & longer than the speed & distance I am running now. One of my goals is to ensure that the running commitment I have set today will not be in vain.


About Moi said...

Good luck on your goals! You can do it!!

I need to get myself motivated to start exercising too....

woofhams said...

Che, you can do it!

I have no doubt at all that you can do longer and faster pace in a few months :)

pancake Queen said...

Thanks for support and believe in me!!

Now I really need to pull up my socks, I really mustn't disappoint myself too!