Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Believe I Can Fly

What determine whether you can or you cannot? Over the years, some told me ability is the answer. I nodded partially to the response. Others told me willingness to work hard & to work smart. I nodded partially. I believe the crucial factor that determines whether we can or we cannot is "our state of mind".

To share with you two of my relevant experiences, I was horrible in Maths when I was 15. I learnt all formulae by heart thinking that was the key to Maths success. A year later due to the transfer of school at an unstrategic time, I was encouraged to repeat my secondary four which it turned out as a blessing in disguise. Why? Unsure it was due to boredom or plainly my Maths teacher was really good in Maths guidance, I explored the world of Mathematics with great enthusiasm and completed all questions in the textbook from cover to cover when it was just third week into the new school term. My point: I aligned my thoughts and my mind - I wanted to prove to the world that studying secondary four again was an option not a compulsory move for me & I was not stupid. I changed my mind set, twisted a disadvantaged situation into an opportunity to discover a new route of learning.

There was one occasion in my mid twenties, a very unpleasant experience happened before I attended a gathering with many of my ex-classmates who were either UK or Australian graduates. I was probably the only one in the group who has never been studying abroad. I was panicked the evening before the gathering and I was concerned that I might be the odd one out. I pep talked to myself half an hour before the event - Be Confident, Have Faith in Yourself. They might be overseas graduates, you are not too bad either. You have always been the top student. You have just received an award of excellence for your Economics and English. And as I entered the ball room where many of my ex-classmates were already there, I told myself exact words that my sister Woofhams has told me many times before: When you are in a room, treat others in the room not any lesser than you (then you won't be over-confident) and not any better than you (so you are well-prepared at the optimal confidence level for yourself), then you will act at the very relaxed manner just like you are talking with your peers. The message has helped me a lot. During the gathering dinner, people paused and listened to me explaining my views on Economics, and ex-classmates complimented on my optimism and confidence.

Since then, I always remind myself: Rest as you must, BUT you must not quit.


Anonymous said...

I heard you, Che and I will heed your advice.

Ironman is not a dream if I want to make it happen.

It's all in the state of mind! I can't agree more.

pancake Queen said...

Never let weakness and toxic thoughts deter you from achieving your dream! Of course, at the same time, your priority now is to have ample rest, take medication and eat well ;-)