Wednesday, May 09, 2007


  • Back then when I was an undergraduate, I loved a concept learnt in my "Comparative Education" lecture called "Discovery Learning". My lecturer described "Discovery Learning" as "one of those moments when you have a light bulb above your head".
  • Since mid-February after I have chased away whirlwind of moodiness, I've started to think of many things around me. Many times I feel guilty for making sarcastic comments to my parents even though they are aware that I have their interests at heart. Many times, I also feel I haven't lent any of my listening ears to my siblings. What kind of older sister am I?
  • When I am browsing others' blogs, I always ask: How can s/he write such beautiful sentences? Oh, those photos taken are professional. Why no one response to my comments? Apart from Woofhams and her good friend Michelle, no one compliments my blog and my writing.
  • Friends told me I always have time for work, but I have no time to pursue and maintain a relationship. When I finally made the effort to show up, He wasn't there. Friends again commented: You have missed the boat. I smiled and replied, "Well, that's fate". My dating periods have never past the benchmark of 5 dates. To date, I still have no idea whether I am such unattractive or I am just unsuitable. I've bought many books and magazines, and tried to find out what Aunties Agony and So-Called-Love-Experts commented on situations like mine. I even looked in love songs to look for reasons. All answers seem to point in the same direction: Time is not ripe yet. Ok, so he is just not the Mr Right. So, why the hurry? If he meant to appear, he will.
  • I was reading Woofhams's blog a while ago and noticed a very creative "Ticker" for her to keep track of her Running Goal. I went to visit the Ticker Factory site and thought of adopting one for my blog. I stared at the web page for almost 10 minutes, and poor thing I have realised I have nothing to look forward to. I have no exercise goal. Four years ago, I used to be gym-craze but now I am relying on only walking and my stationary bike. I have no children, and have no due dates or childrens' birthdays to look forward to. If not for my family remembering my birthday every year, I wouldn't be bothered with my own birthday. I am not exactly healthy. I eat well, I don't smoke and I don't drink. I am not waiting to quit any bad habits and not wanting to lose any more weight. I don't grow potty plants. Ally and Bobby are family dogs, not exactly my dogs in a specific sense. Apart from renewing car license and my road tax, I can't think of what specific dates I should remember. May be one: 21st July. Harry potter's 7th book.
  • But, revert back to the concept of "Discovery Learning": What I have written may simply imply - Make A New List Of Goals!!!


woofhams said...

Hi Che, actually many of my friends read your blogs. Thye often tell me about what you wrote.

Well, they're the 'shy ones' :)
OLE and Sweet Sue, right? *wink*

pancake Queen said...

Wow Thanks Woofhams for telling me!

Thanks Ole and Sweet Sue too!

post script: I believe the "attention-seeking" inner child in me was the culprit in driving me to write those thoughts in yesterday post (Excuses, Excuses)... hehe.