Saturday, March 03, 2007

No More Titanic

I couldn't believe I'm writing a new post for my one-month-abandoned blog again. The past one month was not very good for me - I was moody over a number of things. I always believe God is taking care of all good people and I happen to be one of them. I Thank God for giving me good parents to lead me out of the dark tunnel of my thought. I Thank God for giving me good siblings to share with me uncountable happiness. My sister's clever words and my brother's jokes have managed to pull me out of the dark thoughts. I also want to thank my good friends like Mac and SY who have diligently sent me text messages, e-mails and cards to remind me I haven't been neglected by the world. With all their love, I promise not to sink into another wave of moodiness or else I will let them down.

Hope it's not too late to greet everyone a Sweet Lunar New Year of Fire Pig :o)

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