Monday, January 15, 2007

I Am So Proud Of You

I have been reading other blogs these 2 days and found out that there are too many written on: My New Resolutions, What Have I Done Right in 2006, What Made Me Laugh in the past 365 Days etc. etc. Guess what I want to say here is: I am running out of title for me to recap on 2006 - the year that very well could be called a turning-point in my life. Why?

I am so proud of myself for a long list of things that I have done without regrets, and the top 5 in the list are:
1. I have learnt that "to not let others take you for granted is to not give that liberty in the first place";
2. I have cut down on unnecessary spending and started to adopt "less is more" attitude when come to cosmetics and toiletries shopping;
3. I have decided not to compromise on my choices to avoid unhappy consequences that I knew right from start;
4. I have picked up the courage to ask a guy out on a date and didn't regret my decision even when he didn't show up; and
5. I have started to appreciate the beauty of "solitude" (not loneliness, not seclusion, not isolation, just simply implies more space for my own privacy).


Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you too.

Yes, and you're the driver of your life :)

pancake Queen said...

Thanks! It's great to hear praises from family!

To make all of you to be more proud of me, I have to be a stronger swarrow.