Monday, January 15, 2007

Adam's Dilemma With Alive

Yesterday I watched the Alive's "Popumentary", albeit it was not professionally documented, I salute their passion in music and the courage to set up an "old man boyband" at their age. For some who are not familiar with this HK boyband who used scheming plot last year to publicise their first song "Adam's Dilemma", this band is made up of actors and freelance models ie. Daniel Wu, Terence Yin, Andrew Lin and Conroy Chen.

Some commented on this boyband being no talent and unable to differentiate themselves from other boybands. I found this argument rather unjustified. Although they did not exhibit good singing talent (except Andrew Yin who cut a mandarin abum few years back) + always forgot lyrics and mixed up dance steps on stage, I believe this is the uniqueness of their team. I personally feel that these boys shouldn't given up such easily. To start with, singing is an entertainment. Why bother about fancy costume design, artificial dance steps and not able to meet the entertainment quotient of HK entertainment industry. To me, they sang with their heart and passion, and that's the beauty of music.

Personally, I believe with the right coaching, Daniel could be groomed as a good director one day. Andrew should have the confidence to run his own art gallery. Terence can set up his own music company instead of letting people telling him what to do all the time. Conroy could be an entrepreneur in eatery business in HK & Macau. However, IF Jackie Chan sings and Andy Lau sings. Why no one gives these boys a second chance in singing? Is it because they are too humble? Are their existence too easily taken for granted? Are they too easily manipulated into thinking that they are useless?

If I were their parent, I would tell them: Never let others dictate your dream. Work harder, work smarter and show the world - You Can!

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