Saturday, January 02, 2010

Magic Mouse

I'm really impressed with this world's first multi-touch Apple's mouse.

"This Multi-Touch area of the Magic Mouse is the top surface, and the mouse itself is the button. Scroll in any direction with one finger, swipe through web pages and photos with two ie. click and double-click anywhere. Inside Magic Mouse is a chip that tells it exactly what you want to do, which means Magic Mouse won’t confuse a scroll with a swipe. It even knows when you’re just resting your hand on it." -

Now, this is interesting! Is the chip having an A.I., how does it know what's on my mind? Haha ... (Yet to find out how ... this Magic Mouse).


K said...

I just saw this mouse at the Apple store yesterday. I didn't play with it though so I wasn't sure how to work it.

Pancake Queen said...

I wish it was more special. This looks almost the same as other mouse (mice, haha ...) except that it won't confuse a scroll with a swipe. Agreed?