Monday, November 16, 2009

Dream, Dream, Dream

Many quotes these days emphasized that dreams are essential in achieving the goals.
Guess, it slipped their mind to mention, REALISTIC dreams.
But, will dreams ever be realistic??


Don't you wish you wake up in the morning, there is a nice aroma of coffee waiting for you at the breakfast table.
Your fluffy cat, your loyal dog and your chatty hamster can talk in human language. They share with you things you have missed out while you were sleeping, including a neighbour cat that trespassed your front yard.

Daniel Eric Gold is your husband, and you have a daughter as cute as Suri Cruise.

Mr Obama is one of your good friends, and you get invited to Michelle Obama's Girls Night Out.
You eat a lot and you never gain an ounce, and you can fit in tiny Sarah Jessica Parker's dress size zero.

You have breakfast in Beijing, lunch in Hong Kong, and dinner in Brunei.
There are no worries, and you are full of strength.

Nothing comes between you and courage.

When you go to bed, you count the blessings and know tomorrow is as good as today, if not better.



Reality always bites.
The cutest guy always asks you for your best friend's number.
The waiter gave you sorbet when you asked for ice cream.
When you complain, you are short temper.
When others complain, it's one of their bad days.
A friend called to ask for a listening ear. When you called for reciprocal ear, he said you are whining.
Man and man quarrel are about principle and rights. When woman and woman quarrel, it's cat fight.

Then, you realize, it's all parts and parcels of life.
Life's too bored if it's without ups and downs.
You learn each day as you try to overcome these issues and challenges.

In a blink of an eye, jealousy and back-stabbing are still there.
But you smile at these things now, for you have learnt to let go.
There are other important things that deserve your attention.
Life's too short to dwell on negative matters.
You may be kind, but stay assertive.

One day, those with the same eyes will be able to see and observe,
all you have done and positively contributed.



Woofhams said...

I love this entry...

Pancake Queen said...

Yes, me too. Guess it's pouring out my thoughts at the momnent :)