Sunday, January 11, 2009


One morning in late December last year when I was ready for work, I overheard this conversation between my father and his so-called-friend (our new neighbour few doors away, who seems to me is very "Bubblegum")!

Anyway, ...

Papa (pointed at my grandparents' wedding portrait): This is my parents' wedding portrait.

Papa's Friend: Oh, you still keep them. 

Papa: Yes, of course. I want my children and grandchildren to know who are their ancestors. We are Baba descendants, and do you notice the details of my mother's wedding gown in the other portrait - that's Baba Nyonya culture. 

Papa's Friend: Oh, ok. Many children in the other picture. Hey, which one is you? 

Papa (a bit annoyed): I told you, this is my parents' wedding portrait. How can I be in it when I wasn't even born!!! 

Papa's Friend: Oh yeah, sorry sorry sorry. Btw, you looked handsome in your wedding picture. 

Papa: How did you know? My wife has never kept our wedding pictures in the living room. 

Papa's Friend (pointed to my grandparents' wedding portrait which my father shown him just a few minutes ago): Isn't this you? 

Hahaha ... before my father started to raise his voice, I've decided to eat my breakfast quicker because I didn't (and don't) think I would have any answer for my father's friend who might ask me: Err, which one is you in your grandparents' wedding portrait! 



Woofhams said...

Our new neighbour is dumb :P

Haha. No wonder Papa doesn't like to hang out with them.

junebug said...

Sounds like a strange guy!

Pancake Queen said...

Woofhams: Haha, yes in fact his presence annoys Baby K. Baby K doesn't like him!

JuneBug: Yes and I called him "Bubblegum" hahaha - unsure it's senility or absent-minded?!!