Monday, December 22, 2008

Resolutions And Priorities

I learnt from F/B that many of my friends are currently planning on their respective new resolutions. Just like clutters in my room, I've resoultions piled up on resolutions that I've started to lose count and lose focus on what should exactly be my resolutions. Sometimes thinking of the resolution subject too long and too much, it makes one thinks so little of herself/himself and so little have been achieved so far.

But let's not be too alarmed, my previous line doesn't imply no achievement at all. While setting or rearranging our resolutions, there are many unexpected events happened. Those events for some people may even shape the course of their life.

Now, thinking back to two turning points in my life ie. 1987 and 2000. What have I learnt and what should I learn. In between finishing reports and attending meetings last week, I had some moments to reflect on my life. I've discovered, unfortunately, in the past 2 years I've become less optimistic (despite many still claim I am the most positive and optimistic they have ever seen. Well, they haven't known the 'old' me) and I've become timid (I'm less adventurous in many sectors in my life).

Thus, I am setting a new list of resolutions and the top two prioritise the list are: (1) Be the Positive self again (my mother is a strong and positive woman. I'm her daughter, and I should inherit this part of her good genes. I just need to pick up the 'old' me again and add in new "ingredients" that I've picked up along the way all these years. (2) Be the Energetic self again (if work has eroded my social life, then I only have myself to blame. I shouldn't be small minded and start using "too much work" as an excuse to defend my own lack of skills in time management. I found the greatest mistake in many people is failing to own up to own's mistake/s).

I recalled there was one scene in an American drama called "The Guardian". The father said to the son: "Nobody can put you down unless you give them the permission, son". I should learn from that impressive line ie. not to let others' destructive criticisms to erode my confidence, because my life doesn't build on those (or specifically, her) not-constructive words.


my blog said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the quote from The Guardian!

Good luck on your 2 resolutions! I've pretty much given up on making them myself.

Hope you're having a Happy New Year!!

Pancake Queen said...

Happy New Year! 2008 wasn't a really good one for me. Let's pray + hope + work to make 2009 a better one for me ;-) (rambling tone detected)

Cheers ;-)