Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Stepping Out

To wake us up from a very boring History lesson, my primary five History teacher told us a very lousy joke. She said the subject is called History, because we are studying "His-Story". What a crappy joke, but she did wake all of us up with a good sigh. 

But without History, where are we supposed to be now?

This video shares with us life in South East Asia during my grandparents' time. My grandmother used to tell us, life back then was tough where even sweet potatoes were the staple food but scarce. They dug for sweet potatoes, boiled them for the consumption of the elders and children at home. She and other grown ups at home only drank the boiled sweet potatoes soup and ate potato leaves. Life was really very tough at that time, worse with war. The war has destroyed my grandfather's family business and the wealth my great-grandfather has accumulated. It eventually separated my paternal grandparents, and resulted in my father and his siblings grew up without a proper family environment. 

When I was little, I once asked my grandmother, how did she survive during those tough time. She replied in her usual patient manner and her words said: When the goings gets tough, the tough gets going. 

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