Thursday, July 03, 2008

Publishing A Book

3 days ago I stumbled upon a blog which discusses on a number of new books. The one that caught my attention is a compilation of exchanging diaries between two women through fax. I found the idea very inspiring because it's a thing that many of us do (just that, we exchange e-mails and sharing info through blogs etc., we don't exactly play much fax relays these days).

Then, it got me thinking .. "Will anyone be reading my Blook if I were to edit my blog and publish it into a book??"

Afterall, I really have put in a lot of effort in editing everytime before I post in my blog. Well, of course, you all will be saying "Who doesn't?".

Like how most women loves to open a cafe business whenever they are stressed out by their "mianstream" work, I believe many have also thought about publishing their blog. Whereas by the look of the poll results, I doubt my blook will attract readership.

Anyway, may be I just have to go back to my basic goal. I have always wanted to write a children's book (in fact, it's more of a toddlers' age book) to be used as reference text in our nurseries, and could also be adopted as first English text in other SE Asian countries where children have never got the chance to attend proper English classes.

- To be continued -

PS: Don't worry, my first book won't be called "Pancakeism" because I believe it's not easy to reach concensus with English teachers to retain the "e" for my "PancakEism". HaHa.

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