Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Am Currently Reading ..

I am currently reading "Do Less, Achieve More" by Chin-Ning Chu. Actually, I don't generally agree with the caption of the book which reads "Discover The Hidden Power Of Giving In". In fact, it will read more appropriate as "Discover The Hidden Power of Prioritising". 

The book has taught me a number of new concepts, among which I am most impressed with "Disappear The Papers" (p.31) which has taught me to de-clutter my desk. In brief, it explained that many people use their desk as an archive filing cabinet. Actually, as soon as we receive a new piece of paper, we should (a) handle it, or (b) file it, or (c) throw it away. For those papers that shout "keep me, keep me", there is a method to prevent desk archive, ie.:

1. Create three drawers: A (Relatively Important), B (Less Important), C (Least Important)
2. Throw away papers in C every 7 - 10 days if they remain not useful
3. Also, every 7 - 10 days, move papers from A to B, and B to C. In time (as suggested in the book), all the papers will be handled without ever having to handle them. 

P.92 also shed lights on "There Is No Failure, Only Divine Redirection". Chin-Ning said in her book:"For example, in 1984, I was at a crossroad in my career. I applied for a sales position with IBM. After an hour interview, they decided not to hire me. Ten years later, in 1994, I delivered a keynote address, speaking to one thousand of IBM's top sales associates at their annual acknowledgment conference."

I particularly like the book review contributed by Success which said, "We fail to achieve our goals because we are trying too hard to succeed. The secret, as Chin-Ning reveals, is finding that balance between effort and ease."

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