Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grandma, Thank You For Loving Us

This is the only song to date that could make me cry thinking of my late grandma. I don't normally listen to Hokkien dialect songs, because most of the time I found the music too 70s and I must admit that I couldn't decipher some of the words they sang.

However, I like this song ever since I heard Yuming (the young guy in the second video) sang it during the Taiwanese Talent Time 2007. Although I agreed with the judge's comments that he didn't sing as good as the original singer, I've been looking for this song ever since. It is a beautiful song, except the one sentence which the grandma reminding her grandson not to step into the footsteps of his father - that sentence has done a massive demerit to the entire value of this song. Also, the entire video would fetch a better effect if the director could ask a young boy and a grandma walking in a kindergarten where the grandma smiled at every word her grandson is telling her. Then, Xiao Huang Qi (the singer) could sing in an open space during the chorus part. 

In brief, the song says: 
When I was younger, my grandma loved me the most. 
I miss my grandma, she used to take me everywhere, watching children played and reminded me umpteen times to study smart.
But, I couldn't understand what her words meant at those times.
When I grew up, I began to comprehend each and every of her words. 
Grandma, where are you now? Could you hear me calling you? Could you see my hard work, effort and achievements that I've promised you? How are you these days? Anyone is taking care of you now? 
I hope in my next life, I still have the opportunity to be your grandchild and calling you grandma, again. 

A note from Pancakeism to her Grandmother: If there is heaven which you believed and I believe too because heaven should be allocated by God for good people like you, I hope you've lived well. We miss you very much. 

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